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Not sure if it's possible or if you're aware, but how about including the option to autoupdate?

Thanks for all the hard work so far.

glache , 01.05.2011, 03:48
Idea status: completed


sash, 13.05.2011, 14:24
I'm not sure what should be in config.xml in my case instead of

BTW when I tested auto update, this extension was updated in 9/10 cases.
Maybe is needed when extension is placed on 3rd party site?
glache, 15.05.2011, 02:42
I'm not sure either--I'm the least technically advanced person there is. Maybe you can ask on the forums?
sash, 15.05.2011, 05:39
Test update of this extension on another computers/opera installations. Maybe it haven't updated because of some network error other error

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