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I would like to delete some of the defaults

Some of the defaults are not child friendly. I can add, I would also like to delete.

Bewc , 28.05.2011, 03:24
Idea status: under consideration


sash, 28.05.2011, 06:30
Which of logos are not child friendly?
Unchecking them in settings does not help?
Bewc, 07.06.2011, 02:51
Some of the defaults are adult-oriented. It's not a huge deal, but having certain sites listed is kind of like advertising that people go there enough to want to modify their speed dial. I would rather delete addresses and keep a shorter list removing content I don't want. I can add and increase the list, but I can't delete to keep it shorter. I wouldn't mind if I had to add every site I wanted and there be no entries at all. It's a useful extension, and something similar already exists in Iron/Chromium. I'm glad you wrote it, I just would like to remove some of the defaults.

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