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database with sites/logs and autosubmit

There should be database with "sitename" : "URL to logo" with quick submit from configuration page. Additionally auto-download new sites or on demand (configurable). It will be easier than adding it manually and number of recognized sites can grow easier.

miro , 06.07.2011, 12:46
Idea status: under consideration


sash, 06.07.2011, 13:13
I thought of such feature. But in this case hosting is needed which will store this database. There's two options for me: buy some free/paid hosting or to find some existing database hosting. I know that Opera extension auto patch work uses simething like this. But AFAIK their site is available in japanese language only. I didn't manage to add something to that database.
If you'll find something similar then I'll implement this request
Zheitk, 29.12.2012, 01:07
I was about to suggest something similar: Separated updates for extension and database, hope you can find something to implement this ñ_ñ

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